Regain Senses of Smell and Taste

Regain senses of smell and taste.

Loss of smell or anosmia, loss of taste or dysgeusia. These are symptoms of Covid and in general, they disappear after two weeks.

In some tasting jobs, some people absolutely need a sense of smell or taste in order to work. We think in particular of oenologists or cooks.

The sense of smell, the olfactory system can have dysfunctions and we can no longer smell the odors. Fortunately, regular training of the scent bulbs can help you regain your sense of smell.

By stimulating the olfactory system, give yourself a chance to regain senses of smell and taste perception more quickly.

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The smell of a person’s body is the body itself which we breathe in through our nose and mouth.

Which we suddenly possess as though it were the body’s most secret substance and, in short, its nature.

The smell which is in me is the fusion of the other person’s body with my body.

But it is the other’s body with the flesh removed, a vaporized body which has remained completely itself, but which has become a volatile spirit.

- Jean-Paul Sartre, Baudelaire, 1947

Vaporized bodies, secret substances: these are smells ?

Well, something along those lines, yes!

Smells may be everyday, ordinary sensations, but the more closely you look at them, the more extraordinary they become.

When we smell another person’s helps stretch both our understanding and our sense of wonder.

It shows that the smells and tastes to come, the various earthly creatures that produce their own.

Perfumers, œnologue and cooks who modify and multiply them are all participants in the original, ongoing project of the cosmos: the unfolding of matter’s possibilities.

« I sing of smells, of scents, perfumes, odours, whiffs and niffs; of aromas, bouquets and fragrances.

And also, though temperately and restrainedly I promise you, of effluvia, reeks, foetors, stenches, and stinks ».