Weedstick – Hemp Star – Sativa effect- 200 puffs


Enjoy our new exclusive cannabis essential oil inhaler

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New terpenes cannabis mouth tip inhaler.

Each Weedstick contains 200 puffs of only pure and organic fresh terpenes ( essential oil steam distillation ).

No smoke, no vape, no battery and ready to use instantly and anywhere.

100% legal in every country, since there is 0% CBD and 0% THC.



Additional information

How to use ?

Aspirate gently with the mouth until contact with the throat. You can keep the aromas in the back of the mouth, at your convenience, in order to have contact with your olfactory bulbs. Slowly breathe out through your nose. There is no need to breathe deeply into your lungs, like a cigarette. With the weedstick, your oral and nasal olfactory bulbs are the active receptors.


100% cannabis essential oil


We highly recommend our products to those interested in holistic living. However, everyone is different and you can have a different reaction to the ingredients in Weedstick and unwanted reactions can occur. You should not use Weedstick if you are concerned about a potential side effect.

Be aware that some of the products on this site may interact with the medications you are taking. These devices should not be used as a substitute for the advice of your own physician. You should consult your own doctor for any problem related to your health. We assume no responsibility for the misuse of our products, nor for the use that may be made of the information provided on our various websites.

We do not market or sell Weedstick under the age of 18, or to pregnant or breastfeeding women.

Allergies are rare with Weedstick but we encourage you to read the ingredient list to make sure you have no known sensitivity to any of them. If you are or think you are allergic to any of the ingredients, or if you experience an allergic reaction, we encourage you to see a doctor. Keep these devices out of the reach of children and pets, the small plastic cover on the shipping tube may pose a choking hazard to them.


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