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Relax with The Cannabis Essential oil Aromatherapy inhaler Weedstick

We would present our new exclusive cannabis essential oil aromatherapy inhalers.

Discover The New Method of Cannabis Aromatherapy Use. No smoke. No vape or eliquide.

Only Fresh, Tasty and relaxing Cannabis Aromatherapy Essential Oils without the high of THC.

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What’s the Weedstick about ?

The effectiveness of essential oils is known since thousands of year and has been fully validated by numerous of studies. The essential oils of cannabis (mostly terpenes) are already inhaled when using vaporizer like the well-known Volcano®  recognised as a medical device.

Why are we presenting a nasal inhaler?

In itself, nothing very original you would say, this well known object has been used since the 1940s, without having significantly evolved!

Except that we have thought in a brand new application:

By combining this convenient everyday object with essential oils of cannabis, the idea was born to create a range of products expressing other sides of this plant by:

A simple and effective inhalation system of cannabis essential oils. 

We know that the different effects of cannabis are be linked mainly to cannabinoids (THC, CBD, etc.) as well as essential oils (mostly terpenes)By focusing on essential oils, we intend to act directly on the regulation of our emotional functions, leaving aside the effects of cannabinoïds.

Since one of the source of all well-being is directly depending of our emotions, it therefore seems important to seek and try to reach for the right balance at this level at first glance.

The olfactory power in itself, as well as the sector strictly speaking of essential oils of cannabis, is still in full exploration today at the research level.

The fields related to the olfactory system as well as to aromatic biochemistry are vast, subtle and fascinating at the same time.

In addition, though the given the number of varieties and different categories of essential oils found in cannabis; more than 100 terpenes and hundreds of other derivatives specific to each variety of cannabis, focusing on this plant, the common point is that they all are recognizable by their odour and this is the aspect we have worked on to create the Weedstick.

After several different trials, it came out that the inhaler would be the best way to deliver the full aroma of cannabis essential oils, allowing Weedstick to be used by inhaling through the nose or more directly by sticking your lips to it and taking a deep puff and exhaling through your nose calmly.

In this way you will fully appreciate the power and effect of the natural aromas of the plant through your olfactory bulbs, anytime and anywhere.

As the Weedstick does not emit heat, the inhalation and the passage of air through the inhaler is enough to deliver essential oils in sufficient quantity and absorb them effectively.

It is a noticeable advantage as heat sensitive molecules will not suffer degradation.

Regarding the actions and effects of the Weedstick on emotions, we are mostly refering to the work of Dr. Philippe Mailhebiau, explained in his book “La Nouvelle Aromathérapie”. We could so consider each group and variety of cannabis and in regard to their specific biochemical content determine what would be their potential actions on emotions.

These potential actions are correlated with the 4 primordial elements: fire, air, water, earth.

Fire is present in every plant, considering that the light of the sun is allowing photons to act as the fuels of life, the vital force necessary to any biochemical processes. The result of these processes can then be divided into categories influenced either by air, water or earth, depending on what is elaborated during the biochemical processes.

One should keep in mind that in plants, flowers are linked to air (dispersion), stems to water (circulation) and roots to earth (absorption). This shows that in plants functions are reversed compared to human, as sexual organs are upside and food is mostly taken by the roots.

Considering human being, it is thus considered that air is related to the mental plane(absorption of information), water to the plane of affect (circulation of information) and earth to the plane of action (dispersion or realisation of the information).

In order to insure harmony, a key to keep our wellbeing, it seems logical that the whole process will work better if our thoughts, feelings and actions are aiming at a common goal, by means of fluent biochemical processes and exchanges.

Essential oils can play a major role in helping to regulate these 3 elements working in us, by soothing us whether through reflections or subtle and varied emotional stimulation. This opens the door to a process of understanding and self-acceptance, unblocking the nodes preventing a consistent and lasting global well-being by going to the source of what constitutes our vital force.

Regarding the suggestions related to the “effects” of each strain, we have considered a few distinct groups of emotional tendencies, according to each biochemical family related to the primordial elements as described by Mailhebiau:

« air » in category « expend connection » 

« water » in category  « feel your love » 

« earth » in category  « take action » 


Here we can thus distinguish varieties with tendencies rather cerebral (lucidity for example), affective (confidence for example) or physical plan (motivation for example).

However, these characteristics are not exclusive to each strains category, each of which includes many different molecules (mostly terpenes) and in varying proportions, thus being able to cross from one strain to another.

Of course, it is not our goal here to provide any therapeutic claims about our products. These suggestions remain subjective as to the effects they may evoke.

Note that standard studies about the effectiveness of essential oils are very difficult. Most of the time recommendations are given by Health authorities, based on historical use. However, the trend is growing in having private laboratories and universities looking more deeply on plants and essential oils benefits.