By focusing on essential oils, we intend to act directly on the regulation of our mentalemotional or motivation functions, leaving aside the effects of cannabinoïds.

« Since one of the source of all well-being is directly depending of our emotions. 

Therefore, it seems important to seek and try to reach for the rightbalance at this level at first glance »

In reality, the scents power in itself, as well as essential oils of cannabis, are still in full exploration today at the research level.

After all, the fields related to the scents system is subtle and fascinating at the same time.

More than 100 terpenes and hundreds of other derivatives specific to each variety of cannabis.

The common point is that they all are recognizable by their odour.


This is the aspect we have worked on to create the Weedstick.

After several trials, it came out that the Weedstick inhaler would be the best way to deliver the full aroma of cannabis essential oils. 

Our new Weedstick, the only Cannabis vape oil inhalers

Note that Cannabis Vaporizer with eliquide like glycolpropylene or glycerin are not very safe, depending the temperature they are consumed.

In detail, the Weedstick can be used by inhaling through the nose, or more directly by sticking your lips to it. 

Take a deep puff and exhaling through your nose calmly.

In this way, you will fully appreciate the power and effect of the natural essential oil, anytime and anywhere.

The Weedstick inhaler does not emit heat. 

Moreover, with our cannabis essential oil inhalers, the inhalation, the passage of air, is enough to deliver essential oils in sufficient quantity and absorb them effectively.

It is a noticeable advantage, as heat sensitive molecules will not suffer degradation. 

Contrary to glycol and propylene eliquide or even Volcano vaporizers or any portable models.

Of course, it is not our goal here to provide any therapeutic claims about our products.

These suggestions remain subjective as to the effects they may evoke.

Note that standard studies about the effectiveness of essential oils are very difficult.

Most of the time recommendations are given by Health authorities, based on historical use.

However, the trend is growing in having private laboratories and universities looking more deeply on plants and essential oils benefits.

Discover our new Weedstick, the only cannabis vape essential oil inhalers.

So, don’t smoke anymore cannabis with vape and some unsecured devices.